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A healthy mind in a healthy body

This is a sentence we all know, but it is actually just a small part of a satire by Juvenalis.

The play is ended with the following words:

What I offer you, you can offer yourself.
The only path to a happy life, is?self-knowledge.

That is why we offer a polistic approach, coaching for the mind, massage or yoga for the body.

Unique Business Coaching

Being an entrepreneur you want to get ahead with yourself, and with your business. You want to get more out of your business. And preferrably in an easier, more efficient way, with more earnings, and all that in a way that suits you best.

You, as an entrepreneur, want to get from where you are now, to that point you are dreaming of.

That is why we developed our own unique track for entrepreneurs.

Life coaching

The literal meaning of the verb ‘to coach’:

To transport someone who is valuable or appreciated, from where is was to where wants to be.

Is my child highly sensitive?

Highly sensitive children A lot of parents come to me regarding children that are hard to handle. They don’t listen, they isolate themselves, and sometimes they react really strange. Could it be that my child is highly sensitive (HSP), or has Sensory processing sensitivity (SPS)? The book “The Highly Sensitive Child” by Elaine Aron has […]

Racism. Where are we heading?

Racism. Where are we heading? I hear this question rising more and more during coaching sessions and other conversations the last few months. People feel anxious, wary and uncertain about the future. In the aftermath of the sad deceasing of Ramzi Muhammed, the same questions rose in our family too. Why do people react like […]

My 15 year old son was completely losing it, due to some traumatic experiences, and the typical things of adolescence. He didn't know what was left to do, and was completely stuck in these trauma's. Nathalie of Beauty in Talents had a few trauma coaching sessions with him, and now my son is back! He's been able to deal with the trauma's, and now he's strong as ever before!
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