Racism. Where are we heading?

Racism. Where are we heading?

I hear this question rising more and more during coaching sessions and other conversations the last few months. People feel anxious, wary and uncertain about the future.

In the aftermath of the sad deceasing of Ramzi Muhammed, the same questions rose in our family too. Why do people react like that? He too was a child? What example do adults give us? How many times can you kill someone with words on the Internet, over and over again?

For months have politics and media spewed messages without any nuance or respect. For instance the images of the attack in Nice. Are the cruel images really necessary for people to understand the seriousness of a terrorist attack? Or does it only bring even more hatred and polarization in our society?

Racism. Where are we heading?

Racism and Hope

Unfortunately, we, in our individualistic society, have forgotten the immense power we possess to fight this. Each and every one of us has the possibility to forgive and unite instead of push away and polarize.

What can you do?

  • Disagreements are ok, they make every person unique. But can you learn from disagreements?
  • Approach racism from another angle: I do not agree with judging others (based on gender, race or religion), but I know that behind each of these statements is a feeling of vulnerability in the people bringing them. Are you prepared to listen to that too? You don?t have to agree with it, just listen. After that, are you prepared not to judge and stigmatize those people?
  • Media and politics are screaming bloody murder now! Have you seen a lot of footage of people who, day in day out, are doing passionate and loving work for other people? Have you noticed that you rarely see that kind of messages? Don?t let your judgment be defined only by what you see in the media. Take a good look in the world around you. Can you see still see the beautiful moments between people?
  • Society has such strict structures that there is no room for individuality. We, as an individual can stop this. Are you prepared to do that?
  • Our society is based on the ?each on his own? principle, while it can just as well be based on love and respect. Can you listen to people, without the intention of giving a reply to prove you?re right?

A few books that I can absolutely endorse when you are feeling lost in these digital ages:

Know for sure that you CAN make a difference, and let no one say that is naive. And know for sure, you are not alone!

To the friends and family of Ramzi Mohammed, our sincere condoleances. I hope that the loving comments and posts may warm your hearts, and give you the time to mourn.
onze innige deelneming. Ik hoop dat de liefdevolle posts jullie hart mogen verwarmen en jullie de tijd geven om te rouwen.

My warmest regards


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